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My Ideas For Public Spaces Competition

In collaboration with Meliaty Wong for the above competition held by URA, two designs were submitted, one design is a library cum charging station, while the other is a mobile cinema that projects movies from the handphone. Both ideas started off with wanting to bring people to the outdoors, detaching them from the handphone for a while, and to encourage them to interact and enjoy the outdoors. 

The Mobile Cinema, with Meliaty Wong being the lead designer, won the above competition. 

In Collaboration with Meliaty Wong, 2017.

72 Club Street (Goh Loo Club)

This is a 3-storey conservation shophouse, built in the late shophouse style. A mezzanine level and a basement staircase were added during restoration to lead one to Ann Siang Hill at the rear. It is unlike a typical shophouse, for it has a 10m wide frontage, with a large courtyard enclosed by 2 symmetrical rear wings. A new terracing roof garden is added to allow daylight to penetrate to the 1st Storey while creating a visual and physical link between the 1st and 2nd Storey. The 1st and 2nd Storey will be used as a restaurant while the 3rd and Mezzanine Storey will be used as a club and the club's office respectively.

The restoration work was completed in mid 2016.

72 Club Street won URA Architectural Heritage Awards 2016 for restoration.


Sit Giap Company (Private) Limited (Owner)

Artprentice: Chua Soo Hoon, Loo Swee Kuan (Interiors), Lim Huiling (Interiors)

Yan Consultants (C&S), PTA Consultants Pte Ltd (M&E), CCL Chartered Surveyors Pte Ltd (QS), Jinmac Pte Ltd (Contractor)

Mural Artists: Benny Ong, Zhao Jian Wen, Didier Ng

Archifest Pavilion (Competition)

Singapore Archifest Pavilion for 2016, with the site in the heart of Raffles Place. Our design was to fit in neatly on the exterior with the regular form and layout of the urban context, yet on the interior, a sense of movement, interpreting the energy of the place by means of designing a dynamic form which engages the people to move forward.

Exploring the use of recycled plywood and paper with simple tentage.

In collaboration with Koh Thiennee, 2016.

2-House (Feasibility)

A feasibility study of a bungalow site. Creating 2-house, a front and a rear, thereby creating different degrees of privacy, and a courtyard that separates the public space from the private space.

Experimented with different building envelopes with variations of the wrapping form to create a unified facade.

2015 - 2016.

Nepal Housing (Competition)

A design that is reminiscent of the mountain range in Nepal. Though different from the typical housing forms, we use local materials that will blend in harmoniously with the local context.  We also aim to improve the living conditions by improving the light and hygiene qualities of the living spaces, using a stronger building structure yet not increasing the material cost, with flexibility of design for future expansion to cater to the growth of the individual household.


3rd Prize. 2015.

Rail Corridor (Competition)

Design concept for the 24km rail corridor in Singapore, we want to use objects which act as links to our past, as elements of arts, street furniture, or “recycle” them in new contexts wherever appropriate, as we shall illustrate in our ideas. Memories are linked to objects, events, spaces, and anything that can evoke recollections through our 5 senses, sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing.Reminiscing memories of our founding fathers in the past, drawing as strength and lesson for the present, these become foundation for our dreams in the future.These elements will serve as talking points with our children, reconnecting them to our past, and may they remember this moment in the future.


In collaboration with Chia Huiteen, Louise Wong and Koh Thiennee. 2015.

Beautiful House (Competition)

The brief calls for designers to define what is a beautiful house, and to design for a client on site embraced by greenery in London. We created a sensory link, which engages the senses, connecting the beauty and wonder of nature with the comforts and intimacy of a home, where solitude coexists with the liveliness of family interaction.


In collaboration with Koh Thiennee. 2015.

Covered Walkway (Feasibility)

In the tropical climate of Singapore, the covered walkway is a very important element linking destinations, providing shelter from sudden storms and shade from the tropical sun. Yet beside serving its functional role, is there a possibility for it to have an aesthetic expression of its own, that is experiential and fun? This is a series of experiments we had done to test this out.

Experiment in 2016.