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Shopping Bag (Competition)

What other ways can we design a shopping bag? This was the question we asked ourselves. We wanted to create a bag that can adjust itself in size according to the size of the objects it carries. As a result, a collapsible paper bag was design. This not only allows for flexibility, but it also allows the bag to have 4 different faces instead of the usual 2.


2nd prize.


Namecard design is an object we wanted to think out of the box, as it is something that we tend to dispose off after some time or it loses its significance in the midst of many other namecards. Therefore when we were designing for our own namecards, we wanted to create a design that speaks of our scope, and whoever receives our namecard will not throw it away and most important, that it creates a lasting impression, this being the main objective.

Light Boxes

Learning and experimenting with other art forms such as light boxes, is also part of what we are working on. These light fixtures are handcrafted and lit by LED. We are still in the process of working out more variations.


You can view more of these under our Artworks pages.