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A passion to create uplifting arts for people is the inspiration for Artprentice. 
At Artprentice, we are always learning, improving and evolving as we embrace arts
in their various forms - spaces, murals, objects or illustrations.

Artprentice desires to return to the fundamentals of design - be it a space, an object or an illustration, all are created with a heart, for others. Seeking to fulfill human needs, physically and mentally, we view each of our creations as seed planted into the lives of people we are designing for, that it may grow and enhance the joy of living.

Exploring, experimenting and researching will always be part of our design process, which is why we call ourselves Artprentice, a group that is always in search for the betterment of design like an apprentice through learning.


Soo Hoon, Chua

Soo Hoon, Chief Artprentice, is a practising architect in Singapore and she has designed projects of varying scales under her former employer, DP Architects. Her portfolio includes houses, apartments, condominiums, schools, church, boutique hotels, and masterplans, of which several have been built.


While exploring and pushing the limits of her creativity, Soo Hoon discovered her interest in illustrations and paper sculpting. Coupled with her intent to bring positivity into the lives of others, Artprentice was formed in Dec 2012.


Janet Quek

Janet enjoys engaging with people and listening to their stories. She believes that the world is too big to live it all, hence, she lives through other's experiences.


Janet is also a cook enthusiast who enjoys cooking for people she loves. She is currently residing in Canada with her husband and their massive collection of plushies. 


Shih Yaw, Wong

Shih Yaw is a prolific artist, and has held several solo exhibitions since 1996. Several of his paintings are held in collection at the Singapore Art Museum, National Gallery Singapore, United Overseas Bank, by art patron Mr Koh Seow Chuan and other independent private collectors.

His works often have symbolic meanings, with themes pondering on the meaning of life, its challenges and journey through life.


Illustrator. Artist. Designer


Osh graduated from the University of Singapore with Masters of Architecture. Her background enabled her to be a multidisciplinary artist and designer. She practiced as a lighting designer for 10 years and is active in design education for tertiary levels. She is also an illustrator and has worked on a number of children picture books. Her creative mediums span from pencil, paper, paint to light; and it is still growing. Light is one of her favourite mediums whereby it is used as an impetus to evoke fantasy, stir imagination and create atmosphere in her artwork.

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