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We invest time in research, looking into new ways to design spaces and objects. As the needs of the society change over time, there is also a need to rethink and challenge some of the norms in design.

Retirement Home

In land-scarce Singapore, the retirement home has yet become a norm. Vast majority of the aged population still stay in public housing, with those who need more specialised care in nursing facilities. Yet, as the population ages, with more than 30% of the Singaporeans being 65 years and above by 2035, and longer life expectancy, there is a need to relook at how we care for the aged population. In this case we target on the group which will remain largely healthy but will need some regular medical care attention, they are the ones who are still able to look after themselves with some minimal help. 

Could a cluster of 5-12 such aged residents stay together, in a co-living setting, with weekly medical help assigned to them? They could be a group of friends who decided to relieve their children from caring for them, and stay together for companionship and shared assistance.

In this study, we take the smallest land footprint possible, to do a simple study. This study can be further extrapolated to larger context. 

We use the planning guidelines for envelope control as our constraint.

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