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We are a group of like-minded friends, made up of artists, designers and architects, enjoy painting murals, both for commissioned works and murals as gifts to charitable organisations (if time permits).


We started as volunteers, working with the community and our church friends, beautifying spaces with murals with the desire to cheer and aid in the process of healing, bringing moments of relief and encouragement.

One day, as we were painting we thought, why not we form a collaborative mural group officially? So here it is - Inspired by Mural. 

We started taking mural commissions and the sizes of the murals got larger and larger. Often times, lending hands to one another to help complete the projects. Most of our volunteered artworks (collaboration with church and friends) are in nursing homes, as we truly believe beautiful artworks help in healing. Recently, we have also tendered for larger mural projects executed by volunteers from the community.


We called ourselves - "Inspired by Mural" as we hope everyone who chance upon our murals will be touched and inspired, and those who executed them would recall that special day when they left behind a gift, to be enjoyed by many for many years to come. 


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