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A little history

This is an illustration I drew when I was in full-time employment as an architect in 2010. Working really long hours was a routine, and finding time to draw was a luxury. This was drawn as a silent protest of the daily routine, and probably the desire for a different lifestyle started to brew during that time.

Breaking the routined lifestyle during the end of 2012, stepping out by faith, I started "Artprentice" on 12 December 2012, while I continued to work as a consultant and a part-time tutor. Yet holding 3 jobs at the same time in order to ensure a pretty comfortable living lifestyle, few artworks were completed. In April 2015, with the desire to concentrate on Artprentice, I left my part-time employment as a consultant with some fear and uncertainty.

Now looking back, God has been faithful, I have no lack.

In 2016, I hope to continue creating new products that will lift people up, artworks that encourage and cheer.


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