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Mural at 72 Club Street

The site for this art mural is located at 72 Club Street, Singapore. It used to be a private club known as the Goh Loo Club, with prominent members like Lee Kong Chian and Lim Boon Keng. This building is currently under renovation and is expected to be completed by mid 2016.

The concept for the design came from Benny Ong, Singapore's renowned fashion designer and textile artist. Together with artists, Zhao Jian Wen and Didier Ng, they painted this art mural that stretched across the party-wall of the conservation shophouse.

The art mural shows a Samsui woman as she peeled off a section of the wall to unveil the affairs of the Goh Loo Club. The faceless Samsui woman depicts the often overlooked and uncredited women who made significant contributions to the development of Singapore. Here, she revealed a typical day at the Goh Loo Club with its patrons - the club members and their associates, where these like-minded individuals gathered with their own tales of strength, triumph or defeat. Many of whom were Singapore's pioneers who emigrated from China and helped shaped Singapore into the thriving city we know today.

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